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Do you have problems with the Chinese manufacturers or corporate customers?
Can’t you decide which company you can trust?
Do you have problems with the ordered products?
We help you manage your import – export business.
We search for the best manufacturer, manage the forwarding and custom
clearance until the product arrives to your store.
With our connections all over China, we help you to choose the product with the
best price and quality.
Great conditions and no hidden costs!

If you trust us:
• You can be sure that the chosen company is entirely trustworthy.
• You are ensured that the English website of the Chinese company is valid.
• You will know whether the manufacturer’s product has been tested or not.
• You can be sure whether the Chinese company is an existing one.
• We provide you guarantee with our contract that has been countersigned by expert lawyers to protect you and our company’s interest.
• We guarantee that the container will contain the product you ordered.
• On your request, we can look for a law expert who is knowledgeable with Chinese export.
• We provide a native language level translator for your negotiations.
• We arrange your business travel to take part in exhibitions and meet manufacturers. During your trip, we provide everything you need such as arranging trips in China or ordering a limousine in the city you stay. Regarding hotel reservations we give our partners discount.


Welcome to our homepage. It is a well-known fact that China has become a determining factor of the world economy, businesses of all nations and of all sizes are continuously seeking to conquer its market. However, it is a much less known fact how difficult it really is to build business ties with China, how much effort and resources success takes. This is also true goes when Asian companies decide to build long-term relationships with European entrepreneurs, the cultural diversity of Europe may expose serious difficulties. Having a great product, an efficient service, or cutting edge technology does not ensure success - entering the market requires due diligence. The right kind of information is inevitable and a certain preparedness in the market, economic, legal and political framework will save you years of hard work and may protect you from potential failure..

Keeping all this in mind we provide a whole range of solutions not only for our European but also for our Chinese clients. With the support of our multi-lingual staff, also well-versed in Eastern and Western business culture, we offer you the safety of the business deal and the potential of success. If your business development plan includes generating new businesses, new partners in China, South East Asia or in Europe, but with the safety of reliable experts on your side, you have just come to the right place. For further information on our core businesses, and how they main pertain to your goals, please visit the pages of our main business branchs.

Beko Trading

Our Trading Division helps you tackle the challenges of the Far-Eastern market with providing accurate and in-depth market intelligence, with generating business leads and new potential business partners, suppliers, buyers, and supporting you with complete foreign trade solutions in all industry segments.
Our core strength is the experience and the solid relationship-network we have been building up during our more than a decade long Asian business activity. We are able to offer personalized solutions to our partners, serving them in an effective and flexible way with the greatest level of safety possible in one of the most dynamically developing regions of the 21st century.
With the support of our multi-lingual staff who are well-versed in Eastern and Western business culture and also the legal and socio-economic environment of your target market, we offer you the possiblity of a safe business deal and the potential of success.
Due to our company’s continuous business development, our trading division offers our partners, based on their request, both complete and partial services in the following areas:

A large number of buyers purchase products through agents, in some cases maybe thinking to have contacted the manufacturer. Due to our local presence in China, our company provides better odds to reach the manufacturers directly. In most cases we are able to source the required products for our customers at a significantly lower price, ensuring the customer’s quality requirements as well. We can assist your company to reduce costs and to save the inconvenience of additional arrangements such as shipment issues, quality inspections etc. Our aim is to let you focus on what you can really do best: selling products and making profit in your local markets!

We search for business partners, pay local visits to potential partners.
We collect samples, pre-check sample quality and forward samples according to your requirements.
We conduct price negotiations and prepare long-term purchasing contracts, Check documents according to the laws and regulations of the country in question.
We control product licenses and other background-documents.
We ensure that special packaging requirements are being followed.
We provide goods inspection (quantity, quality, packaging, documents, size and weight control).
We control, and forward transport documentation.
We represent the customer’s interest in case problems occur.
We follow-up the dispatch and shipment of goods.

Our Trading Division supports our customers to efficiently place their products or services on the foreign markets. We are familiar with the internal operating mechanism of the Asian markets, we help our partners to understand the local customs and we assist our customers to reach their ultimate goal: success in a foreign market.

Trademark protection and patent registration procedures
We assist in the localization of your product.
We arrange storage of your goods in a duty-free zone.
We participate in creating local price strategies for your products and services.
We identify sales channels.
We collaborate in the planning and implementation of your marketing strategy.
We help to organize your after-sales services.

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Goods inspection
General company audit
Company audit with site visit
Complete order management
Due diligence

BEKO Consulting

    Beko Consulting is a project-oriented consultancy focusing primarily on China and Eastern Europe. We offer services in multiple areas:
    Exploring new business opportunities
    Investment consulting
    Government contract consulting
    Strategy consulting
    Trade-related consulting
    Supported by an extensive network of associate specialists, coupled with over a decade of business experience in both core geographical regions, we work with you to refine your business development strategy, develop your value proposition, generate new leads, and help you extend your business to new markets. In each project, specific market-based objectives are integrated and tailored to your unique business anatomy, market position and strategy. Your advantage in working with us is getting access to our wide network of large state-owned enterprises and government entities both in China and Eastern Europe.

    Whether you are an ambitious Chinese company making headway on the Eastern European market, or a European company aiming to set foot in China, our core strength is to engage key influencers and senior decision makers in your target market. We understand the complexities of both China and Middle-Eastern Europe. And while it is important to find new clients, it is also vital to have the knowledge and expertise necessary to close deals with those same clients. Beko consulting is the single best resource needed to launch a successful business or extend your current business to new terrains.

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