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Headquartered in München, Germany, Beko Trading has been on the global market since 2012 as distributor of computer components, IT solutions and consumer electronics.

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Select from our extensive product line of computer components, IT accessories and consumer electronics.

CPU (Amd, Intel)
SSD (Samsung, Kingston, Intel, Adata)
RAM (Kingston, Crucial, Corsair)
HDD (WD, Toshiba, Seagate)
MBO & VGA (MSI, ASUS, Gygabit, etc)
TFTs, Printers, Gamer Accessories

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Pull Out HDDs

Get advantage of the dinamic growth of the pull out HDD market. Buy now and enjoy the benefits.

What is Pull out HDD?

Pulled HDDs are HDDs that are taken out of existing configurations, 3x wiped and cleaned and they get repacked. These are NOT refurbished HDDs!
Most large DATA centers are upgrading their Hardwares because their existing ones are obsolete.
Pulled HDDs can also come from large batches of ready PC.

Why Pull out HDD?

1. Pulled HDDs undergo high quality screening which means 0 BAD sectors are allowed
2. All Data and parameters are wiped from the HDD
3. Marked with original label, packed separately in ESB bags with no reference to be refurbished or recertified.
4. In case of any customer complaints, we provide you with swap or credit note within 4 weeks.

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    A Beko Trading provides fully comprehensive garantee for all delivered goods. Should you have any problem with our product, please contact us or require our RMA sheet.

    *Warranty may be specified for product.

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